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OECD Education Webinars

Details: In this webinar, Andreas Schleicher, OECD Director for Education and Skills, will present the key insights from the Summit and discuss how the teaching profession and governments can work together to take the lessons of the pandemic forward and build better, digital-ready education systems for all. Speakers include:

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Education and the modern family

Details: A recently released Trends Shaping Education Spotlight looks at what education providers can do to support modern families and how new …

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The future of education is now

Details: Education has an important role to play in equipping students with the skills needed to succeed in the global future – but it cannot act alone. More work must be done to …

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Our changing nature: Education in a hybrid world

Details: The OECD report Trends Shaping Education 2022 takes a closer look at these issues. By analysing the key megatrends affecting society today, the report aims to investigate …

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Education recovery after COVID-19: Better, stronger & collaborative

Details: – Education is not just building back better but building forward differently with the power of global collaboration. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, so do the …

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The “urban advantage” in education

Details: As the latest edition of PISA in Focus points out, an “urban advantage” in student performance is evident in nearly every country and economy that participated in the PISA …

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How can we break down barriers to using education research

Details: For education policy, it means weaving expert advice throughout the whole policy process, rather than at a fixed point in time. This could alleviate the pressure of clashing …

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A new direction for education reform in China

Details: The progress to date has been tremendous, with nine-year basic education universalised, mass higher education attained, and youth and adult illiteracy eradicated. The recent 3rd plenary session of the 18th Communist …

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How to support gifted students to reach their full potential

Details: Research now suggests that giftedness goes beyond IQ. It encompasses multiple forms of intelligence such as creativity and empathy. Gifted student’s full potential can be …

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Education: The best protection against an economic crisis

Details: Education at a Glance 2013, the OECD’s reference on education indicators and statistics, for the first time provides a comprehensive set of data covering the years 2010 and …

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How education can help bolster civic engagement

Details: Education has the potential to reverse these trends. An international study released in 2016 highlights the role of particular strategies. Classrooms that are open to …

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Is the sky the limit to the rise in education

Details: As Education at a Glance 2022 highlights, the labour-market rewards depend on what people actually studied. Among the 17 OECD countries with available data, STEM fields …

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Lessons for education during the coronavirus crisis

Details: Learning from international education responses to the crisis. Working with our colleagues at the Harvard Global Education Innovation Initiative, HundrED, and the World Bank Group …

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2021 OECD Education webinars

Details: See the data, hear the experts. Watch webinars on a range of education topics hosted by the OECD Directorate for Education and Skills throughout 2021. From the latest data about …

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Overcoming education challenges: The coronavirus crisis turns us …

Details: With this in mind, I was delighted to moderate a dialogue recently as part of the digital OECD seminar to capture lessons learnt from COVID-19 for education: Future of …

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Why knowledge is the most important resource for education …

Details: Education systems in developed countries today are huge – in terms of people, institutions and budgets – and emerging nations are rapidly catching up, as they expand their …

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Is free higher education fair

Details: Conversely, 21% earn more than twice the median, three times more than those with five good GCESs. Beyond the monetary benefits, higher education brings important …

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The persistence of socio-economic disadvantage in education

Details: Education systems have been slow to adapt to this trend. Many countries still use academic performance as the main criterion for tracking secondary students. This can limit …

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